Thursday, April 14, 2016

I Am More Than (Poem)

I Am More Than
by BlackLion

I am more than this body you see before you.
I am more than the smiling face you kiss
on the cheek, on the lips, on the forehead.
I am more than thoughts that come out of my mouth.
I am more than the feelings that pour out as tears.
I am more than the one who
does the dishes, does the vacuuming, does the laundry.
I am more than the one who basks in the sunshine.
I am more than the one who
talks with the plants, the flowers, the critters.
I am more than the laughter during play time.
I am more than the silence in uncomfortable circumstance.
I am more than the words that develop on the page.
I am more than the one who flows
on the dance floor, under the moonlight, surrounded by fire.
I am more than the one who looks deep into the cosmos
wondering if others are returning the favor.
I am more than this spirit, this mind, this body.
I am more than you can possibly imagine
because I am more than I can possibly imagine.
I am more than my doubts, and worries, and fears.
I am more than contentment, joy, and happiness.
I am more than the sum of my parts.
I am more than the playful lion
who lounges in the bright sunshine napping.
I am more than the vast foaming oceans, the deep blue sky,
and the dense rocks beneath my feet.
I am more than a number, a piece, a cog, a vote.
I am more than I was yesterday.
I am more than I was a few minutes ago.
I am more than forgiveness, charity and greed.
I am more than the quixotic puzzles
that the universe continues to offer in my experience.
I am more than myself, more than you, more than us.
I am more than all that has, is, or will be.
I am more than you think.
I am Divine incarnate.
Blessed Be.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Channeling My Own Answers

Channeling My Own Answers
by BlackLion

One of the greatest gifts I have been receiving is the ability to let go of my egoic self while free writing/typing. When I am in that space, I am feeling like a cone of energy is over my head and going down toward my heart chakra, the point aiming above my head. I do not have any words that I interject unless it is a question that is nagging at me.

Today, I was feeling a bit despondent about life. I felt uninspired and unsure of what I really want to experience in my life. I had little to no imagination for what I want to create here on this planet and it felt discouraging to say the least. I have this great urge to create yet my chosen medium or topic was illusive.

After doing an Abraham-Hicks guided meditation, I decided to do some free writing. When I started, I did not have any illusions that I would be in alignment with my higher self enough to actually channel anything. But I wrote anyway because it felt like it was important to at least air my grievances rather than keep them rolling around in my head.

I usually write 3 pages in my notebook and at about the halfway point I let question upon question roll out of me and right after, I asked my higher self to answer, if they so chose. The following is a transcript of those questions and answers in the hope that by sharing, this conversation will be an inspired spark for your own life.

Transcript from earlier today:
Why are my petty concerns so important-seeming while we poison our only oasis in the blackness of space? What possible adventure is more important than the transformation of our human systems to be in alignment with the planetary love that is all around us? What role can I play? What choices can I make? What impact does my voice have over the din, confusion, and lies? Am I truly more powerful than millions of naysayers? Is my divine connection more valuable than so many others who are cut off? Does my vision of a peaceful, coexistent and radiant future have any truth or value within it and make it manifest?
I ask my highest self to come forth and guide me now.
Thank you for your asking and wanting. You have a grand-feeling vision for how life could be if only everyone else would cooperate with you. Just keep on dreaming bigger and feel into those peaceful spaces more and more. Your expectations of what others ought to do is and has never been your concern. It is impossible for you to change anyone's mind about this. Yet you know this play on words we used. The mind is the scapegoat for all your troubles. The mind is where most everyone gets caught up in thinking how life should be and wanting others to think like them.
And we say that that is impossible and too much to ask of anyone ever. We are wanting you to feel into this place you are wanting and to reassure you that when you listen to your intuition, Source, vortex, guides, God, Goddess or however you interpret us, know that we are always on your side of your dreams. We are already answering your call, we are saluting your wanting and becoming that right now. It is this connection that you seek, this knowing what we know that is feeling bad to you when you are also not in alignment with us.
Indeed, it is every being on this planet who, in their deepest, soul-fullest place that also dreams like you dream. It is not that you need to persuade them, we know that they are wanting much like you are wanting - peace, joy, happiness, ease, love. And we say that the way for you is bright and clear and easier than you now imagine. As you, and only you, choose how you feel, then it is you who will bring about in your life the ways you are dreaming and imagining and visioning. And by feeling into this knowing place where we are that your life's purpose unfolds.
Do what brings you closer to your Source. Feel about all aspects of what brings you closer to Source. Imagine your life in ways that bring you closer to Source. Imagine others in a way that brings you closer to your Source and by doing so, lighting the path for them closer to their Source.
You see it is all very easy and simple and direct. You are already so very close to knowing your dream life and we are urging you so sweetly to take another step, another feeling into your Vortex. There are no wrong paths. You are not in any danger. Your life is not falling apart. Your life is morphing itself by your design and when you feel the ease and relief of  letting yourself feel what you are wanting to feel, there are no gatekeepers except your own thoughts practiced over your lifetime.
You are doing extremely well. You are a bright beacon of what life can truly be about. You have cooperative components already on your side and so many more eager to participate in your unfolding experience. This is the best time of your life because you are the culmination of eons of energy alignment. You are the bright one that others are inspired to become for themselves.
It is the easiness that is your strength. Any other feeling is a form of resistance that you think you need to experience in order to feel worthy in other's eyes. Know that you are inherently worthy, AND in the soul-eyes of others you are perfect.
If you can accept this knowing all the days of your life, you will always be the best you you can be. You will always be in the Vortex, except when you want to feel contrast to expand even more. It is this acceptance of change and growth that so many are afraid to even acknowledge, yet you are here on the leading edge of the leading edge of reality because you are choosing to purposefully focus on your own ability and wanting to change that you will lead millions to their spirit. You are unfathomably brilliant and know you are loved even in the darkest feelings. ♥
After this amazing experience, I am feeling uplifted and joyful. I shared my experiences with Starcat and from this place decided to write up this blog to share with you all. Just before starting the transcript I decided to check my email for the first time today and synchronicity abounds and I am so thankful for this loving universe. My daily inspirational quote from Abraham-Hicks was exactly inline with my channeled message. I leave it here for your own inspiration as well. Blessings and may you ease your way into your best life now!
"You have more harmony points with every person on the planet than you have disharmony points, because there is much more of you that is in harmony with your Core than you realize or that most of you allow. The closer you come to being in harmony with your Source Energy, the more in harmony you are with each other. When you think about other people and what they think of you, do you understand that what they think of you has very little to do with what you are? It has mostly to do with the habits of thought that they have developed. It has more to do with them as thinkers than it does with you as the subject of their thought. If nothing is more important to you than that you feel good, you can form a fantasy about someone who is in your life and they will begin to modify to meet your fantasy, because Law of Attraction is a very powerful thing." ---Abraham

Monday, March 07, 2016

Choose Love Over Fear

Choose Love Over Fear
by BlackLion

"You are ready and able to do beautiful things in this world... You will only ever have two choices, love or fear. Choose love and don't ever let fear turn you against your playful heart."
- Jim Carrey

I've been practicing the art of play for many years now. Whether through gaming, laughter, or just having a good time. In those moments of exhilaration, freedom and happiness, I have really found myself.

Now, it may be a challenge for many people to believe that play is not just this silly, nonsensical and frivolous pursuit that only children are allowed (if much at all) to take part in. In truth, play is a conduit to your inner wisdom, a wisdom so full of love, joy, and expansion, that it may seem scary just to think about, let alone live day-to-day with.

I have been focusing on my spiritual beliefs for over 20 years, and the quickest, most authentic, and most rewarding practice I've ever taken part in is play. With so many varied and multiple avenues to more playfulness, each practitioner of play will get into this connection in their own way.

So what do I mean by play? Play is that moment when you are truly present, focused on possibility, and ready and willing to go even deeper. That instantaneous thrill of new awakenings, new understandings, and just letting go of all of life's little (and big) dramas. Your spiritual self is always ready and willing and able to connect to you through play, and it is this delicious connection that keeps players wanting more and more.

Yes, but what about work? Play is not the opposite of work. When you are in a playful mood, connected to your inner wisdom, you can accomplish SO much more than when in a grump. You'll be more aligned with creativity, other people, and the world around you in a way that is not possible without this connection. 

The true opposite of play is apathy, and to be honest, most people work in a state of apathy most of the time. People are following the dictates of others who believe that they know better about who you are than you do. A belief that what has happened in the past is a guidepost to what you should be doing in your life. And when you find yourself 5, 10 or 20 years into your career, you discover how lackluster and boring your life has become.

When you choose the playful path, you are choosing to find out what really lights your buttons. Tapping into your natural well-spring of well-being, joy, and love, you are choosing to honor and respect yourself like no other can. When you follow your bliss, enjoy your passions, and become more aligned with the wonder and beauty of the world, you are unstoppable!

To create a better world for yourself, while still meeting all your chosen obligations and responsibilities, tune into your playful heart and align with your highest self. Whether through meditation, yoga, dance, or willingness games, to name a few, you are checking into your present *I AM* consciousness and allowing this fuller part of yourself to shine forth. From this new vantage point, your job will be more fulfilling, your family will be more of a joy, and your life will have a fuller depth of love than ever before.

Sure, we all will get bumped out of this place from time to time, yet knowing that there is a purpose and direction to your life, of your choosing, will encourage you to realign with your inner guidance again and again. Time after time whenever I get thrown out of alignment, I know that I want to get back into this state of pure, positive, loving energy. My reason for being here is to truly find out what my life's purpose is all about. And by choosing Love over fear, I am transforming my life into one that is most beneficial to myself, my family and my world. Blessed Be! ♥

Friday, February 19, 2016

Joie de Vivre through Knowingness

Ah the blank page, how inviting you are. ;)

What better way to start then to be awesomely thankful for the insights and connection I have to my spiritual Source. I have been dancing and playing and moving and grooving and really having a deep conversation about who I am, what I want, and why I am here.

So, the juiciest of juiciness that I will share today is my rekindled love of life. Oh sure, I have challenges just like everyone else, yet in this place of knowingness, I am feeling great! I am acknowledging that little scared voice in my heart that is worried about what others may think of me, or whether I am worth it, or whether I can be truly loved for who I am. Each round of tender-heartedness brings me closer and closer to the Divine. What an exhilarating feeling!

When I shine my lovelight on the dark shadows hiding within me, it is not to root them out, nor to pluck them free to feel better. What I am choosing is to be tender and loving and asking what that scared little me is really asking for. Whatever techniques I use to get into that space; meditation, playfulness, joy o'clocks, silent walks, or whatnot; it is the asking that is the valuable new part.

No recriminations here. In fact, this approach of loving-kindness has brought me closer and closer to living the life of my dreams than ever before. When I reside in my Vortex, as Abraham-Hicks calls it, all cooperative components flock to me at just the right time in just the right way. And I know when I am not there because my heart aches for the knowingness, and I yearn to return. Nothing less than full all-inness will do any more.

So what, you may ask? Good for you but what about me and all my problems?

This isn't a "better than you" moment, this is a "me too" moment! You too can live life with vigor, enjoyment, happiness and love. You too can choose to feel happy rather than sad. You too can look for solutions rather than more problems. You too can get deeply connected to your Source and dance in your Vortex. You too can live the life of your dreams and become the full, authentic, and enlivened being you came here to be. All you have to do is ask!

Love and Light and more Blessings than you can possibly now know are ready and willing to pour into your life if you would simply listen to your heart and allow them in.

The Joy of Living - Joie de Vivre is always calling to you, will you pause and listen?

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Something to Cheer About

So, some really fascinating realizations have come to light in my experience. I am coming into better alignment with who I am simply by checking that doubting feeling. Recognizing it and letting go. Nice!

I am usually a reserved person who observes then wordsmiths in and out of the conversation with funny quips and obvious (yet not always) thoughts. I used to feed (or did it feed on me) the laughter and groans of Captain Obvious. Really, it felt like I was needing approval for my weird brain thoughts.

Now that my new vision of those experiences has arisen, I have found that I am feeling good about myself regardless of what others may think of me.

Wow, revelation!

I am now able to express myself more freely without the demand of being "popular" or "right" (which had been my modus operandi for a while now). In fact, I am feeling more self-confident because I don't have to keep looking over my shoulder or try to justify my experience.

I am more calm and centered and I listen better too. Sure, I have often been a good listener, kind, generous, etc. Yet those were sometimes tied to my ego's need to be wanted and loved. I already know that about myself and I am always loved. Sweet!

If you are anything like I have been, it's going to be ok. Regardless of who you want to try to impress, the only person that really matters is your inner self for comparison. You know who you are, or if you don't know, check in on that.

Once you are more honest with yourself, you'll better come to realize that life is about being who you truly are and not worrying about anyone else. That doesn't free you from responsibility. In fact, it means you are more personally responsible for your own life and by sharing your gifts, you are really make a lasting impression on this planet. Now, it's just a matter of reminding more and more folk about their own inherent worthiness.

You can be who you are.

Now, that's something to cheer about!


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

America is the Original Corporation

America is the original corporation. We the People, with vastly different beliefs and proficiencies, united together to protect our inalienable rights to pursue our own version of freedom. Not King George III's version of freedom, nor even George Washington's version of freedom, but our own sovereign individual version of freedom.

There is nothing to say that someone, even many someones, could influence your idea of what freedom means to you. Yet You get to decide which ones you agree with or not. In fact, if you listen deep within and find that "knowing place" you'll discover this voice, your voice, speaking love, freedom, and joy to you all the time. This You, including the body in which it inhabits, is the essential You. And your You has inalienable rights endowed by your creator.

During the tumultuous time of the American Revolution, two very important and unique documents came into being: the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America. The intentions of our Founders were to create a place that led to protections of freedom to be who we are, believe what we want to believe, and live in a way that is harmonious with all of us and our unique characteristics.

So in essence, we incorporated ourselves before any particular corporation was even conceived. I say, that since We the People, aka America, Inc., have already created a corporation under an essentially democratic process, any and all businesses/corporations are simply subsidiaries, sub-units, and subservient of We the People. And We the People are equal shareholders of the USA. These demarcations of one set of humans from another set of humans is only allowable with the Will of the People in agreement.

By our good graces, and our responsibilities as good shareholders in the American Dream, We the People have the choice to change the rules, reassign our national intentions, remove and replace all those who have and are currently doing harm to the United States of America - including its purple mountains majesty and fruited plains, land, sea, sky and people - whether through aggression, hostility, negligence, or crookery.

No one is above the Will of the People, even if they constantly bombard you with the notion that you are powerless and insignificant. Through this trickery, and many other indoctrinating principles, a small percentage of people have consolidated "power" via these avenues. Using money as leverage, these corporations are extracting an enormous toll on everyone on this planet, especially in the neighborhoods, forests, and even national monuments that have made America so sacred.

Regardless of how all that came about, which will be revealed in due time, it is our responsibility right here and right now to stand in our own personal power. Choose to be who you are rather than what they told you you are, whether as an employee, worker, student, minor, criminal, suspect, or even terrorist.

It is the Will of the People that says that the U.S. Dollar has any value as legal tender. How much would these pieces of paper, or little digits, mean if another currency were to be supported by the People? One based on mutual respect, and value added not simply by capital alone but the blood, sweat and tears of each person who contributes to the creation of a product or service. Imagine your social capital as a building of your community's value rather than an endless extraction of value from living, breathing, sentient beings all over this jewel of a planet.

But remember, you ARE a powerful being, so use your power wisely. You could take a life for a cause, you could also spare that life in defense of their personal sovereignty. No one can give or take away the value of another. And a note of caution: by using the same militaristic, bombastic, sinister, and manipulative ways to "combat" the powers that be, you're only fueling their train of destruction.

When you are centered in your own sense of wonder, you create all around you the blossoming of a peaceful revolution that seeds itself with everyone you encounter. A community based on mutual-respect, dignity, sharing, and diversity is strong, resilient, and free. What world do you want to create for yourself?