Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Joyful Heart Association

How many other joyful people are there out there?

I am recruiting for a new way of association. I am looking for folks who are interested in increasing their lives by focusing on happy thoughts, joyful encounters, and mirthful experiences. A place where you can be yourself completely and have fun doing it. A group of folks who come together on their own terms and have fun regardless.

When you are into that mode, find a friend or companion who also enjoys that activity. Then announce it to the group so whomever wants to join in can do so. I especially would love to include more artists, musicians, dancers, actors, and entrepreneurs who focus on changing the world by being a shining example of freedom, love, joy, happiness, and connection.

I know there are many out there who have an interest in uplifting themselves, their communities, and the world ensemble. I look forward to even more of you showing your support. You could share it with world to uplift others, or keep it as a trump for your own delightful purposes. Either way, as you open the world to new creative energies, you will find that the world will encourage you to continue. Consider the universe on your side no matter what you focus on.

Invite me to joyful experiences, and I will join the ones that bring me closer to my source. Consider only those events that are vehement yes within your head/heart/spirit. You will enhance the vibe with your presence wherever you go that feels good to you. Bring your creative, playful energy with you regardless of what others may think or do. You are the creator of your own experience, so you might as well focus on the exciting parts.

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Blessings and Love!

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